Ravenna Township

3770 Blackmer Road, Ravenna Michigan 49451

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1.  Call to Order.  Vice-Chairman Peacock called the meeting to order at 7:19 p.m.

2.  Pledge of Allegiance.  Marlene Curtis led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

3.  Roll Call.  Roger Peacock, Elmer Hoyle and Stan Wagner were present.  Mike Gillard and Jack Link were absent.

4.  Approval of Agenda.  Motion by Hoyle, seconded by Wagner to approve the agenda. Unanimous vote to approve agenda as presented.

5.  Approval of Planning Commission meeting of 7 March 2013.   Motion by Hoyle, seconded by Wagner to approve the planning commission minutes of 7 March 2013.  Unanimous vote to approve the minutes of 7 March 2013 as presented.

6.  First Citizen Comments.  None.

7.  New Business.  Planning Commission received a special-use request from Anita Curtis-Macdonald to manufacture, taste and sell wine at 3009 Blackmer Road, Ravenna, MI.  Curtis-MacDonald presented the following information:

The facility would be located in the Garden Patch at 3009 Blackmer, currently operated by Greg Grover.  Tentatively,  the facility would be open Thursday through Sunday from the spring through the Christmas season.  All wine sold will be less than 14% in alcoholic content.  MacDonald stated that the crushing and pressing of the grapes would occur off-site.  Wine would be manufactured at the facility.  She further stated that the State of Michigan will only issue a Sales License and a Small Wine-Maker License after the facility has been approved for use by the FDA.  MacDonald stated that only her wine products would be sold and that the tentative name is Black Cat Winery.  There will be one sign located in front that will not obstruct drivers.  Also, the  facility would not be open for business for at least one year.

Motion by Wagner, seconded by Peacock to allow a special use permit for wine sales, wine making and wine tasting at 3009 Blackmer, Ravenna, MI, parcel # 61-17-003-200-0004-10 contingent upon handicapped parking, handicapped restrooms, emergency exit signs and that all required electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits will be obtained from the Township of Ravenna.  In addition, the motion to approve the special use permit is also contingent upon MacDonald obtaining all required state and federal permits needed for the operation of her proposed wine making, selling and tasting facility. Motion passed with 2 ayes and 1 nay.

8. Old Business.  None.

9.  Second Citizen Comments.

Planning Commission Chairman Link was not present but wanted to ensure that no traffic would be backing out onto Blackmer Road from the proposed wine facility.  Ravenna Village President Dennis Wildfong wanted the Planning Commission to understand that the Village of Ravenna Council was in unanimous support of the facility.

10.  Adjournment.  Motion by Wagner, support by Hoyle to adjourn.  Unanimous vote to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Ken Punter