Ravenna Township

3770 Blackmer Road, Ravenna Michigan 49451

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July 14, 2016

The July meeting of the Ravenna Township Board was called to order on Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Ravenna Township Hall by Supervisor Ken Punter. Pledge to the Flag was led by Jim Michels. Prayer was led by Trustee Elmer Hoyle.  Members present were:  Ken Punter, Supervisor; Sonja Patterson, Treasurer; Penny Sherman, Clerk; Bruce Yonker, Trustee and Elmer Hoyle, Trustee.  Also present was Fire Chief Greg Crowley, and 5 guests.  Motion by Hoyle, support by Yonker to approve the Minutes from the June 23, 2016 Public Hearing and Special Meeting.  Motion carried.  The Agenda was approved as presented.

Citizens Comments: None.


Assessor: July Board of Review will be held on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 1:00 p.m.  This Board of Review is for Errors and Omissions.

Fire Board:  Call report:  13 Medicals, 4 Fires, 2 Wire Down Calls and 1 P.I.  An application has been received from Doug Ferguson to join the Ravenna Area Fire Department.  Motion by Patterson, support by Sherman to appoint Doug Ferguson as a Probationary Fire Fighter.  Motion carried.  The Ravenna Area Fire Department will be holding a Pig Roast at Dog Daze on Friday, July 15th from 5:30p.m.-9:00p.m. or until they run out.  Hoyle discussed the resent accidents that have occurred on some of the intersections in Ravenna Township.  Hoyle and Punter will speak with Ken Hulka at the MCRC about ways of preventing these accidents from occurring especially at the following intersections:  Ellis Rd & Ravenna Rd; Ellis Rd & Moorland Rd and Moorland Rd and Hts Ravenna Rd.   People interested in a burn permit may go the web site: www.dnr.state.mi.us/burnpermits.   Address signs are available to purchase for $20.00, if anyone is interested they should call the Township Hall at 231-853-6205.

Building Inspector: Eight permits were issued: 4 Building, 2 Electrical, 1 Mechanical and 1 Plumbing.

Museum/Library: Everything is going well.  The Summer Reading Program is being very well attended with 144 people attending the one held on July 12th.  Our circulation numbers are up as well.   Librarian Jackie stated that MADL does all of the hiring for the local librarians and the Townships do not do any of the hiring of the librians.

Cemetery:  Everything is going well.  Larry is starting to get quotes regarding resurfacing the Cemetery.

Planning Commission:  The Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing and Meeting on Monday, August 15, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Zoning Administrator:  Everything is going fine.

Chamber of Commerce:  The Chamber of Commerce will meet on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at the Ravenna Township Office.

Ravenna Area Historical Society:  Three new cases have been installed at the Museum.  Girl Scouts are in the process of making an exhibit for the Museum.  The Historical Society is hoping to partner with the Village to get a ditch filled by the Caboose approximately 160 feet long.  The Garden Club is looking into the possibility of holding weddings in the Garden located on the west side of the Library.

Road Commission: Hoyle and Punter will meet with Hulka regarding safety concerns for some of our intersections. The Brine that has been done this year by Michigan Chloride Sales seems to be holding up well.

New Business: The Master Plan was presented.  Motion by Yonker, support by Hoyle to approve the 2015-16 Revised and Updated Ravenna Township Master Plan.  Roll call vote taken:  Sherman-Aye, Patterson-Aye, Yonker-Aye, Hoyle-Aye, Punter-Aye.  Motion carried.

Motion by Sherman, support by Patterson to approve Ravenna Township using the following: Choice One Bank for tax collection; Mika Meyers Law Firm; Audit firm of Brickley DeLong; Tallmer Bank; Choice One Bank; Fifth Third Bank; and West Michigan Burial Vault Company.  Motion carried.  Employee pay rates are:  Administrative Assistant $15.50 per hour, Cemetery and Maintenance employee $11.00 per hour.  Motion by Patterson, support by Sherman to approve the office being closed for the following holidays:  January 2, 2017 in observance of New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Friday before Memorial Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Friday before Labor Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, December 26, 2016 in observance of Christmas Day.  Motion carried.

Unfinished Business:  None.

Treasurer’s Report: Patterson presented the Treasurer’s report.  Motion by Yonker, support by Hoyle to pay bills and accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Motion carried.