Ravenna Township

3770 Blackmer Road, Ravenna Michigan 49451

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The May meeting of the Ravenna Township Board was called to order on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Ravenna Township Hall by Supervisor Elmer Hoyle. Pledge to the Flag was led by Trustee John Bonthuis. Prayer was led by Clerk Penny Sherman.  Members present were:  Elmer Hoyle, Supervisor; Sonja Patterson, Treasurer; Penny Sherman, Clerk; Bruce Yonker, Trustee and John Bonthuis, Trustee.  Also present were Fire Chief Greg Crowley and one resident.  Motion by Yonker, support by Bonthuis to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.   Motion by Bonthuis, support by Yonker to approve the minutes from the April 12, 2018 meeting.  Motion carried.

Citizens Comments: None.


Assessor: Received a paper from Equalization stating how much value has been lost since the state did away with some personal property taxes.

Fire Board:  Call report:  16 Medicals, 1 P.I. and 1 Fire.  The new automatic porta dump tank probably won’t be in until after July 1st.  The Fire Department would like to thank Papa Piccione’s for providing food to the Firemen on Tuesday, May 15thPeople interested in a burn permit may go the web site: www.dnr.state.mi.us/burnpermits.   Address signs are available to purchase for $20.00, if anyone is interested they should call the Township Hall at 231-853-6205.

Building Inspector: Two permits were issued:  1 Building and 1 Electrical.  The 10% reimbursement check from MTS was $24.30.

Museum/Library: MADL Director Kelly Richards met with Supervisor Hoyle and stated that soon our Library Branch will be open on Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Director Richards could not give a specific date as to when the Thursday hours will begin.  Richards also stated that MADL is moving forward with the creation of storyville.

Cemetery:  The Township Board would like to thank the Ravenna High School Varsity and JV Softball teams for painting the cemetery fence for their service project.

Planning Commission: The Planning Commission held a Public Hearing and Meeting on April 30th and approved a Special Use Application from Kurt Dufendach to open a fertilizer distributorship.

Zoning Administrator:   Everything is going fine.

Chamber of Commerce: Sherman and Hoyle attended the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Ravenna Area Historical Society:  No report.

Road Commission and Road update: Culvert on Ellis Road was discussed. Hoyle has been asked by residents to get a price from the MCRC for asphalt at Blackmer Rd and Cline Rd.

Senior Citizen’s Activity Coordinator:  The June luncheon will be held at Thatcher Park where Peggy will have a cookout and Sherman and Patterson will provide the dessert.

New Business: Patterson presented Resolution 18-01 a Resolution to waive fees for late Property Transfer Affidavits.  Motion by Patterson, support by Sherman to approve Resolution 18-01.  Roll call vote:   Yonker-Aye, Bonthuis-Aye, Sherman-Aye, Patterson-Aye, Hoyle-Aye.  Motion carried.  The annual Budget Workshop was discussed.   The Budget Workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 12th at 6:00 p.m.  The Public Hearing and Special Meeting for the 2018-2019 Budget will be held on Tuesday June 26th at 6:00 p.m.

Unfinished Business:  None.

Treasurers Report: Patterson presented the Treasurer’s report.  Motion by Sherman, support by Bonthuis to amend the Fire Budget $572.47 for Equipment Maintenance and $19.57 for Fuel from the Payroll line.  Motion carried.  Motion by Bonthuis, support by Yonker to pay all bills and accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Motion carried.

Other Board Comments: The Ravenna Township Annual Dump Day and Scrap Tire Event went very well.  A total of 877 tires were collected.  Brining is set to begin in our Township the beginning of June.  The Muskegon County Drain Commissioner will hold a meeting at the Ravenna Township Office on Wednesday, May 30th to discuss the Anderson Drain.  The Drain Commissioner stated that residents of this Drain District have been notified.


Public Comment: None.

Motion by Patterson, support by Bonthuis to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.

Submitted by Penny Sherman, Ravenna Township Clerk

These minutes are considered proposed until approved at the next board meeting.