Ravenna Township

3770 Blackmer Road, Ravenna Michigan 49451

Zoning Administrator: Gordon Plescher (Tuesdays – 9am – 12pm)

Assessors: Dennis Burns and Cory Burns (Tuesdays – 9am-2pm)

Building Inspector: Greg Mason (Available at 231-865-3310)

Electrical Inspector: Ken Wolfe (Available at 616-510-9984)

Mechanical & Plumbing Inspector: Bob Modreske (Available at 616-477-4940)


Verify that your project is in the Township of Ravenna and NOT the Village of Ravenna.

The Village of Ravenna has their own Building Department and Zoning Administrator.  Presently, the Township of Ravenna and the Village of Ravenna both utilize Michigan Township Services (MTS) for their building department permitting/inspections and Tony Zaidel as their zoning administrator.  Regardless, you must go to the Village of Ravenna offices if you have a building project in the village limits and to the Ravenna Township offices if you live in the township, but outside of the village limits.  The Village of Ravenna offices are located at:

Village of Ravenna
12090 Crockery Creek Drive,
Ravenna, MI 49451

Information About Zoning Ordinances and Zoning Map

Prior to beginning any building or renovation project, please review the zoning ordinance and zoning map documents that are linked below.  Then fill out the Ravenna Township Zoning Compliance Form.  This is where the building project or renovation begins. Once this form is completely filled out and signed off by the zoning administrator, your project can move forward to the completion of a building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical or plumbing permit application which are also linked below.

If your project does not full within the current ordinances or zoning, you will have to request a variance.  This will normally be accomplished through a meeting of the Ravenna Township Planning Commission.  Also, ensure that your project is not under the Right-to-Farm act as put into statute by the State of Michigan.  You may fall under the Right-to-Farm Act if you produce an agricultural product and are on agriculturally-zoned property.  Meet with the Zoning Administrator for clarification. Below are links to documents:

Ravenna Township Zoning Compliance Form

Ravenna Township Zoning Ordinance

Township Zoning Map

Ravenna Township Special Land Use Application

Land Division Application

If you are considering dividing up land that you currently own,  please fill out the following Land Division Application.  The application will be reviewed by the zoning administrator to ensure compliance with current zoning regulations.

Beginning Your Project

Ravenna Township has contracted with Michigan Township Services (MTS) out of Fruitport for all building inspection services.  Once you have been approved by the Ravenna Township zoning administrator to begin your project, you will be given a packet by the zoning administrator, prepared by MTS,  that contains all the forms that may be needed.

MTS will collect all fees, take all completed forms and schedule all inspections.  If you want to contact MTS or go to their offices, please find their information below:

Michigan Township Services
5855 Airline Road
Fruitport,  MI 49415
( inside of the Fruitport Township Building and next to the Fruitport Fire Station.)

Their website can be found at michigantownshipservicesmuskegon.com.

Contact MTS by phone at 231.865.3310/6977 and speak to Cathy or Jackie.

The MTS fax number is 231.865.6191. 

How much are the Fees for a Building, Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical Permits?

MTS publishes its fee schedules within their permit forms except for the building permit.  Clink on the links below to see the fee schedules and/or permits you are interested in:

MTS Building Fees

MTS Building Application

MTS Plumbing Permit & Fee Schedule

MTS Electrical Permit & Fee Schedule

MTS Mechanical Permit & Fee Schedule

Please email RavennnaTownship at zoning@ravennatwp.com  for any further information from the township zoning administrator.