Ravenna Township

3770 Blackmer Road, Ravenna Michigan 49451

Below are the assessments for those in the Thompson, Lawrence and Norris Drain Districts….all or some of these 3 drain district falls within Ravenna Township.  The township itself will also be assessed 10% of the total bill for all drain expenses within Ravenna Township…… over and above the individual owner’s assessment.

 clyde_thompson assessments

 lawrence assessments

 norris assessments

mlive_proof_of_notice  – legal notice of the assessments by the drain Commissioner.

http://www.co.muskegon.mi.us/drain/day_of_review.htm  …. link to information provided by the drain commissioner to include maps of the revised drain districts.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Muskegon County Drain Commissioner at….

Brenda M. Moore

Muskegon County Drain Commissioner

141 E. Apple Avenue

Muskegon, MI  49442


FAX 231.724-3480

Email:  moorebr@co.muskegon.mi.us

Website: www.co.muskegon.mi.us/drain