Ravenna Township

Fire Department

Ravenna Township Fire Department

Ravenna Area Fire Department

3763 Blackmer Road, Ravenna, Michigan 49451 The Ravenna fire station has been located at different sites throughout its history. Dr. Beechnau’s current building was the Fire Station until they moved to the Village Garage Offices. The Fire Station next moved to a Bruce Jahn constructed building on Blackmer Road. On May 12, 2002, ground breaking was held and construction began on current site. The latest Fire station was dedicated with an open house on October 12, 2002.

Current Facility Features

Fire Station

6 Bays for Fire Trucks


2 Bays for Medical Trucks

Fire Hydrant

In House Fire Hydrant

Generator With a Electric Sign

Automatic Generator

3 Person Gathering Together

Meeting and Training Room

Shower and Toilet

Restrooms and Showers

Storage Boxes

Closet and Storage Space

Shiled with Fire

Chief’s Office

Woman Holding a Pen

Secretary’s Office

Kitchen and Appliances

Kitchen Combination

The Current Fleet of the Ravenna Area Fire Department:

Truck #1862

Truck #1862 is a 2007 Sterling Act Tank Truck that holds 3,500 gallons of water.

Truck #1820

Truck #1820 is a 2000 Freightliner Med Conventional Pumper Truck with Jaws of Life.

Truck #1821

Truck #1821 is a 1991 White GMC Conventional Tank Truck that holds 2,500 gallons and Pumps 1,000 gallons per minute.

Truck #1872

Truck #1872 is a 2010 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck which holds rescue and medical equipment.

Truck #1871

Truck #1871 is a 1985 Chevrolet Suburban which holds rescue and medical equipment.

Truck # 1861

Truck # 1861 is a 1977 Ford 5,000 gallon tanker.

Truck # 1881

Truck # 1881 is a 1974 Chevrolet Pickup brush truck with a 250 gallon water tank.


Headshot Placeholder

Fire Chief

Gregory Crowley

Headshot Placeholder

Assistant Fire Chief

Geoff Nelson

Headshot Placeholder

Fire Captain

Todd Place

Headshot Placeholder

1st Lieutenant

Rob Maleski

Headshot Placeholder

2nd Lieutenant

James Helsen

Headshot Placeholder

3rd Lieutenant

Doug Luce

Headshot Placeholder

Fire Secretary

Jordan Klein

Former Fire Department Chiefs

  • Don Hazen
  • Casey Jones
  • Dale Johnson
  • Doug Luce
  • Carl Meyers
  • Dennis Patterson
  • Ken Patterson, JR.
  • Ken Patterson, SR.
  • Steve Patterson
  • James Place
  • Barney Simon
  • Bruce Wallis
  • Lyle Wright Sr.

Retired Firemen with 15 or More Years of Service

  • Donald Austin
  • Eugene Austin
  • Frank Bailey
  • Donald Crowley
  • Jack Cunningham
  • Romain DeCamp
  • Jerry Hazekamp
  • Don Hazen
  • Chris Helsen
  • Lester Hendrinckson
  • Dale Johnson
  • Casey Jones
  • Mike Krepps
  • William Lawrence
  • Tony Liszewski
  • Steve Maleski
  • Carl Meyers
  • Gale Nutt
  • Wallace Owen
  • Dennis Patterson
  • Ken Patterson, JR.
  • Ken Patterson, SR.
  • Steve Patterson
  • Lavern “Peter” Peters
  • Art Pigors
  • Donald Pigors
  • James Place
  • Roger Plont
  • Richard Poffinbarger
  • Dave Ruble
  • Gerald Rust
  • Barney Simon
  • Steve Sturtevant
  • Clark Throop
  • Dennis Vanderwel
  • Bruce Wallis
  • Lyle Wright, Sr.