Ravenna Township

3770 Blackmer Road, Ravenna Michigan 49451

Ravenna Township Consolidated Fee Schedule

Any costs incurred by township, and outside of the normal operations required to meet the general needs of all township residents, that are over and above these rates or outside of these rates will be charged to the individual

Administrative and Miscellaneous Fees
Copies (single side)
8 1/2″ x 11″ $0.25 / copy
8 1/2″ x 14″ $0.25 / copy
Voter Registration List $0.10 / page
Reflective Address Sign $20.00
Grave Sales
Township Resident $100.00
Non-Township Resident $400.00
Infant & Still Birth (Baby Vault) $50.00
Cremains $150.00
Opening and Closing of Graves $400.00
Foundation Settings $0.25 / sq. in.
Additional Charges
Saturday Burials $85.00
Sunday Burials $100.00
Holiday Burials $150.00
Zoning and Planning Fees
Special Meeting of the Planning Commission $500.00
Special Meeting of Zoning Board of Appeals $500.00
Land Split/Division (performed by ZA and meets all zoning requirements-all others require special land use) $50.00
Zoning Compliance Permit Application (reviewed by ZA before ANY permits are issued) $25.00

Ravenna TWP Fee Schedule